Carrer del Senyor d'Azagra, 8 bajo

18-12-2019 22:00 hrs


La Otra Cantinela

#xmassparty #xmassgames #food&drinks #music

We are inviting you to invest in our party, this is our first edition and we will organize many more events. We think that we could grow exponentially more and benefit all from the situation. Since the holidays and Christmas is coming, it will be the perfect time to throw a party. People will love this; many students are eager for Christmas parties. We will sell the tickets for 4 euro each which makes is very affordable for the students to come. Moreover, do we cancel other competitive parties by the time we are organizing it. From 22:00 till 01:00, whereby the other places open their clubs/parties at least after midnight. Taking advantage of the cheap drinks that our host place will serve are we confident that we could get at least 200 people. The fact that we have organized “informal” parties before with Erasmus students makes it so that we have many contacts that are willing to come without even starting the promotion. We would like to promote this party to attract the maximum amount of people and make the most profit for all of us. With the most popular music genre of the student it will be a solid hit. Reggaeton, hip hop and some pop music (with of course xmass music) will make everything better. Furthermore, do we want to organize some small games that people could do which will create a great atmosphere. Don’t miss this opportunity!